Confocal Fabry-Perot Interferometer, CEPT, Conférence Européenne des Postes et des Télécommunications, CEREQ, Centre d'Etude de Recherche sur les Qualifications, CERES, Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (Satelliten-Erd-Fernerkundung), CERN, Conseil Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire (jetzt: Organisation Européenne ...), CERRO, Central European Regional Research Organization, CERT, Computer Emergency Response Team, CES, Cambridge Engineering Selector Database (UK), CES, Circuit Emulation, CESRA, Community of European Solar Astronomers, CEST, C Expert System Tools, CETA, Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology, CETHEDEC, Centre d'études théoriques de la détection et des communications (France), CETIM, Centre technique des industries mécaniques (France), CF, Cystische Fibrose (Mukoviszidose), C&F, Cost and Freight (Handelsverkehr), CFC, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon, CFC, Chlorofluorocarbon, CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics, scherzhaft auch: Colorful Fluid Dynamics, CFFL, Columbus Free Flying Laboratory (Raumfahrt), CFHT, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (Mauna Kea), CFI, Canada Foundation for Innovation (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CDN), CFL, CAD Framework Laboratory, CFO, Chief Financial Officer, CFRP, Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic, CFV, Call for Votes (Rechnernetz), CG, Charging Gateway, CGA, Color Graphics Adapter, CGD, Coplaner Grid Detector, CGE, Compagnie Générale d'Electricité, CGI, Common Gateway Interface (Telekommunikation), CGIAR, Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research, CGMS, Copy Generation Management System, CGPM, Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures, CGRO, Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (?), cgs, Centimeter - Gramm - Sekunde (Maßsystem), CGS, Corporate GSM Server (Telekommunikation), CH, Switzerland (im Internet), CHARM, CERN, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rom, Moskau (Kernphysik-Kollaboration), CHARM, Comprehensive Human Animation Resource Model, CHC, Chlorinated Hydrocarbon, CHDM, Cold + Hot Dark Matter (Kosmologie), CHE, Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (Gütersloh), CHEMFET, FET mit chemischem Sensor als Gate-Elektrode , CHEOPS, Chemistry of Ozone in the Polar Stratosphere, CHILIAS, Children's Library - Information - Animation - Skills, CHMM, Call Handling MultiMedia (Telekommunikation), CHORUS, CERN Hybrid Oscillation Research Apparatus, CI, Chemical Ionisation (Massenspektrometer), CIA, Central Intelligence Agency (oberste US-Geheimdienstbehörde), CIC, Center for International Cooperation (Bonn), CID, Charge-Injection Device, CID, Collision-Induced Dissociation, CIDL, Configuration Item Data List (Telekommunikation), CIDR, Classless Interdomain Routing (Internet), CIE, Commission Internationale d'Eclairage, CIESIN, Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network, CIF, Common Intermediate Format (Datennetz), C.I.F., Cost, Insurance, Freight (Handelsverkehr), CIG, Cell Interconnection Gateway (Datennetz), CIGS, Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide, CIM, Computer-integrated manufacturing, CIM, Corporate Information Management (USA), CIME, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering, CIMSS, Center for Intelligent Material Systems and Structures (VPI & SU, Blacksburg, VA, USA), CIP3, International Cooperation for Integration of Prepress, Press and Postpress (Druckindustrie), CIPM, Comité International des Poids et Mésures, CIPT, Computer Integrated Public Transportation, CIR, Channel Impulse Response, CIR, Circle (US Mail), CIR, Committed Information Rate (Datennetz), CIR, Computer Integrated Railroading, CIR, Cylindrical Internal Reflection (ATR-Technik), CIS, Card Information Structure, CIS, Commonwealth (oder: Confederation) of Independent States (,  GUS), CIS, Compensated Image System (adaptive Optik), CIS, Kupferindiumdiselenid, Copper Indium Selenide, CISC, Complex Instruction Set Computer, CISL, Contractual Index and Status List (Telekommunikation), CISPR, (International Special Committee on Radio Interference), CIST, Moskau-Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie Pfinztal, CITES, (Internationale Übereinkunft zum Handel mit bedrohten Arten), CIVA, Charge-Induced Voltage Alteration, CJD, Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, CJK, Creutzfeld-Jakob-Krankheit, CK, Clock (Telekommunikation), CKW, chlorierte Kohlenwasserstoffe, CL, Connectionless (Internet), CL, Controlled Load, C.L.E., Club zur ländlichen Elektrifizierung, CLEC, Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (Telekommunikation), CLEO, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEOPATRA, Cloud Experiment Oberpfaffenhofen and Transport, CLFA, Coopération Laser Franco-Allemande, CLI, Calling Line Identification (Telekommunikation), CLIC, CERN Linear Collider, CLORA, Club des Organismes de Recherche Associés (Frankreich), CLOS, Common LISP Object System, CLR, Connection Loudness Rating (Telephon), CLS, Call Server (Telekommunikation), CLS, Canadian Light Source (Synchrotron-Strahlungsquelle am CFI), CLS, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope, CLSM, Confocal Laser-Scanning Microscope, CL20, Hexanitro-Isowurtzitan (Sprengstoff), CMAC, Cerebellar Model Arithmetic Computer, CMB, Fraunhofer- Center for Molecular Biotechnology (Newark, DE, USA), CMB, Cosmic Microwave Background, CMC, Carboxymethylcellulose, CMD, Condensed Matter Division (der EPS), CME, Coronal Mass Ejection (Astrophysik), CMIP, Common Management Information Protocol (Telekommunikation), CMIS, Common Management Information Services (Telekommunikation), CMISE, Common Management Information Services (oder: System) Element (Telekommunikation), CML, Chemical Markup Language, CML, Current Mode Logic (Schaltungstechnik), CMM, Capability Maturity Model, CMM, Coordinate Measuring Machine, CMN, Cerous Magnesium Nitrate (Temperaturnormal), CMOS, Capacity-Coupled Metal-Oxide Silicon Device, CMOS, Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (Feldeffekt-Transistor), CMP, Chemical-Mechanical Polishing, CMR, Colossal Magnetoresistance, CMRR, Common-Mode Rejection Ratio, CMS, Cambridge Materials Selector Database (UK), CMS, Cluster Management System (Telekommunikation), CMS, Compact Muon Solenoid (CERN), CMS, Condensed Matter Science, CMS, Corporate Mobile Server (Telekommunikation), CMT, Criticality Management Tool, CMU, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), C/N, Carrier-to-Noise Ratio , CNC, Computer Numerical Control (Werkzeugmaschinen), CNEL, Community Noise Equivalent Level, CNES, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, CNET, Centre National d'Etudes des Télécommunications, CNM, Customer Network Management (Telekommunikation), CNR, Carrier-to-Noise Ratio, CNR, National Research Council (CDN), CNRS, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France), CNS, Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, CNS, Conseil nationale de la science (France), CO, Central Office (Rechnernetze), CO, Colorado (US-Staat), CO, Connection-Oriented (Internet), COB, Chip-On-Board, COBE, Cosmic Background Explorer (Satellit), COBOL, Common Business-Oriented Language (Programmiersprache), CoBRA, Computerized Bibliographic Record Actions, COCOM, Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls, COCOSDA, International Coordinating Committee on Speech Databases and Speech I/O Systems Assessment, CODAC, Cosmic Dust Aggregation Experiment, CoDAS, Condensed Matter Direct Alerting Service (Datenbank), CODATA, Committee on Data for Science and Technology (seit 1966), CODEST, Committee for the Development of European Science and Technology, COE, Center of Excellence, COEHC, Coalition on Effective Hearing Conservation (USA), COF, Columbus Orbit Facility (Weltraumlabor), COFDM, Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex(ing), COIL, Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser, COLTRIMS, Cold Target Recoil Momentum Spectroscopy, com, Commercial Organization (Internet, USA), COM, Component Object Model, COMET, C++ OSI Management Extended Toolchain, COMETT, Community Program for Education and Training in Technology, COMPENDEX, Computerized Engineering Index (Datenbank), COMPTEL, Imaging Compton Telescope, COMSAT, Communications Satellite Corporation (USA), COMSEC, Communications Security, ConCap, Constant Capacitance (Sensorik-Verfahren), CONNFFESSIT, Calculation of Non-Newtonian Flow: Finite Elements and Stochastic Simulation Technique, COPS, Common Open Policy Server, CORBA, Common Object Request Broker Architecture (Telekommunikation), CORDIS, Community Research and Development Information Service (EU), CoS, Classes of Services, COSEPUP, Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (National Academy, USA), COSINE, Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection in Europe, COSPAR, Committee on Space Research, COST, Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (EC),, Coopération Européenne dans la domaine de la recherche scientifique et technique, COSTEP, Comprehensive Suprathermal and Energetic Particle (an Bord von SOHO), COSY, Cooler Synchrotron (Jülich), COSY, Correlation Spectroscopy, COTS, Components (oder: Commercial, oder: Commodity) Off-The-Shelf, COV, Calculus of Variation, COX, Cyclo-Oxygenase, CP, Conference Proceedings (NASA), CP, Connection Performer, CP, Customer Premises (Rechnernetz), CPA, Chirped Pulse Amplification (optische Pulskompression), CPAN, Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, CPB, Constant Percentage Bandwidth (Frequenzanalyse), CPC, Collaborative Product Commerce, CPCT, Center for Photoinduced Charge Transfer (Rochester, NY, USA), CPE, Common Phase Error (Telekommunikation), CPE, Customer Premises Equipment (Internet), CPG, Computational Physics Group (EPS), CPL, Call Processing Language (Telekommunikation), CPM, Cathode Pulse Memory, CPN, Customer Premises Network (Rechnernetz), CPS, Chinese Physical Society, CPS, The Czech Physial Society, CPT, Charge, Parity, Time (Invarianz gegen ...umkehr), CPU, Central Processing Unit, CPVS, Central Payload Video System, CPX, Control Panel Extension, CRADA, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (oder: Awards), with private companies (USA, staatl. Förderungsprogramm), CRAFT, Cooperative Research Action For Technology (EU), CRC, Collaborative Research Centre (DFG), CRC, Corporate Research Center, CRC, Cyclic Redundancy Check (Telekommunikation), CRCG, Fraunhofer- Center for Research in Computer Graphics (Providence, RI, USA), CRDF, Civilian Research and Development Foundation (USA), CRESST, Cryogenic Rare Event Search with Superconducting Thermometers, CREST, Comité de la recherche scientifique et technique (EU), CRG, Collaborating Research Group, CRH, Corticotropin-Releasing Hormon, CRIS, Center for Research on Innovation and Society (Santa Barbara, CA, USA, und Berlin), CRM, Certified Reference Material, CRM, Customer Relations Management (Telekommunikation), CRN, Committee of a Regulatory Nature (EU), CRP, C-reaktives Protein, CRSQA, Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (Augenchirurgie, USA), CRT, Cathode Ray Tube, CRT, Cosmic-Ray-Tracking Project, CRV, Crew Return Vehicle (Raumfahrt), CR/W, Controller Read/Write, CRYRING, Cryebis Storage Ring (Stockholm), CS, Call Server (Telekommunikation), CS, Communications Satellite, CSAR, Cryogenic Solar Absolute Radiometer, CSCC, Concurrent Supercomputing Consortium (USA), CSCS/SCSC, Swiss Centre for Scientific Computing, CSCW, Computer Supported Cooperative Working, CSD, Chemical Solution Deposition, CSDP, Customer Specific Development Process, CSELT, Centro studi e laboratori telecomunicazioni (Italy), CSEM, Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (Zürich), CSI, Control-Structure Interaction, CSIR, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Südafrika), CSIS, Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC), CSLI, Center for the Study of Language and Information (Stanford, CA), CSM, Central Strength Member (Rechnernetz), CSM, Communication Session Manager, CSM, Component and Supplier Management, CSM, Connection Session Management, CSM, Customer Service Management (Telekommunikation), CSMA/CD, Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (Datennetze), CSN, Circuit Switched Network (Telekommunikation), CSP, Chip-Scale Package (gedruckte Schaltung), CSR, Customer Service Representatives (Telekommunikation), CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, CSTA, Computer Supported Telecommunication(s) Application (Telekommunikation), CSU, Colorado State University (USA), CSV, Comma Separated Value, CSVE, Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering, CSW, Core Switch, CT, Computed Tomography, Computer-Tomographie, CT, Connecticut (US-Staat), CT, Cordless Telecommunications, CT, Court (US Mail), CTAN, Comprehensive TeX Archive Network, CTB, Composite Triple Beat (Verzerrung 3. Ordnung), CTBT, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (Atomwaffenteststoppvertrag 1996), CTBTO, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (Wien), CTC, Crew Training Complex (DLR, Köln, Porz-Wahnheide), CTE, Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, CTI, Colour Transient Improvement (Kontourverbesserung beim TV-Bild), CTI, Computer-Telephony Integration (Telekommunikation), CTI, Computer Telephony Interface (Telekommunikation), CTI, Critical Technologies Institute (USA), CTIO, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (Chile), CTIR, Center for Intelligent Transportation Research (Ohio State University), CTO, Chief Technical Officer, CTP, Computer-to-Plate, Computer-to-Press, Computer-to-Paper (Drucktechnik), CTP, Cytisintriphosphat, CTR, Center (US Mail), CTR, Common Technical Regulation(s), CTRANC, Crosstalk-Resistant Adaptive Noise Canceller, CTS, Concept to Speech (Sprachsynthese), CTU, Control Tower Unit, CTV, Crew Transfer Vehicle (Raumfahrt), CU, Central Unit, CU, Control Unit, CUF, Channel Utilization Factor, CUG, Closed User Group (Telekommunikation), CUL, Computer-unterstütztes Lernen, CUNY, City University of New York, CUPLE, Comprehensive Unified Physics Learning Environment, Cuspea, China-US Physics Examination and Application Program, CUTCP, Clarkson University-TCP (Rechnernetz), CUTE, Clarkson University Terminal Emulator (Rechnernetz), CV, Cartellverband der Katholischen Deutschen Studentenverbindungen , CVC, Common Vision Concept, CVCP, Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (UK), CVD, Chemical Vapor Deposition, CVE, Collaborative Virtual Environment, CW, Clockwise, CW, Continuous Wave, CXO, Chandra X-Ray Observatory (Röntgensatellit), C3, Command, Control and Communication (System), C3, Cleaved-Coupled Cavity (Laser), C3I, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence (Militärisch), C3-Laser, Cleaved-Coupled-Cavity Laser, D, DAAD, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst e.V., DAAK, Deutsch-Amerikanisches Akademisches Konzil, DAB, Digital Audio Broadcasting, DAC, Digital-to-Analog Converter, DACH, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Chemie GmbH, DAF, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Familientherapie, DAGA, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Akustik, DAGV, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vakuum, DAHC, Deutschsprachiges Apple-Hochschul-Consortium, DAI, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (Bonn), DAI, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, DAL, Deutscher Arbeitsring für Lärmbekämpfung e.V., DAM, Deutsche Akademie für Metrologie (München), DAMA, Dark Matter Search (Astrophysik, Gran Sasso-Labor), DAMA, Demand Assignment (oder: Assigned) Multiple Access (Telekommunikation), DAMOP, Division of Atomic and Molecular Physics (APS), DANA, Data Application Network Adapter, DAP, Deutsches Akkreditierungssystem Prüfwesen (Normungsarbeit), DAR, Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat (Normungsarbeit), DARA, Deutsche Agentur für Raumfahrtangelegenheiten GmbH (1989-1997), DARC, Data Radio Channel, DARHT, Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic (Test) Facility (Los Alamos, NM, USA), DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (USA), DARS, Digital Audio Radio Service, DART, Data Acquisition in Real Time, Darwin, Detection and Analysis of Remote Worlds by Interferometric Nulling, DAS, Dansk Akustisk Selskab, DAS, Distributed Antenna Systems (Telekommunikation), DASMIN, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Mineralöl, DAST, Drones for Aerodynamic and Structural Testing (NASA, Flugzeug), DAT, Digital Audio Tape, DATech, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Technik, DAtF, Deutsches Atomforum, DAVIC, Digital Audiovisual Council, DAWS, Digital Advanced Wireless Services (Telekommunikation), dB, Dezibel, DB, Diffusion Boarding, DBF, Distributed Feedback (Laser), DBG, Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie, DBI, Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut (Berlin), DBM, Deutsches Bergbau-Museum (Bochum), DBM, Double Beam Modulation, DBR, Distributed Bragg Reflector (Laser), DBS, Direct Broadcast(ing) (by) Satellite, DC, Developing Countries, DC, Digital Concentrator (Telekommunikation), DC, Direct Current (Gleichstrom), DC, District of Columbia (US-Staat), DC, Dünnschichtchromatographie, DCC, Digital Compact Cassette, DCE, Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment (Telekommunikation), DCE, Data Communications Equipment, DCE, Distributed Computing Environment, DCF, Dispersion Compensating Fiber (Glasfaser), DCN, Data Communication Network (Telekommunikation), DCPN, Domestic Customer Premises Network, DCS, Digital Crossconnect System (Telekommunikation), DCT, Disrete Cosine Transform, DCU, Data Capture Utility, DDB, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, DDCE, Dolby Digital Consumer Encoder, DDD, Directly Doubled Diode (Laser), DDE, Dynamic Data Exchange, DDEC, Data-Driven Echo Canceller, DDGI, Deutscher Dachverband für Geo-Information, DDK, Dialog Development Kit, ddI, Didesoxyinosin, DDI, Direct Dialing-In (Telephon), DDM, Differential Depth Modulation, DDN, Defense Data Network (USA), DDR, Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDS, Direct Digital Synthesis (I/O Board), DDT, Dichlordiphenyltrichlorethan, DE, Delaware (US-Staat), DE, Discard Eligibility (Telekommunikation), DE, Germany (im Internet), DECHEMA, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chemisches Apparatewesen, chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V., DECT, Digital Enhanced (früher: European) Cordless Telecommunication (oder: Telephone), DEDIG, Deutsche EDI-Gesellschaft e.V., DEE, Daten-Endeinrichtung (Telekommunikation), DEGA, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V., DEGREE, Diversity Effects in Grassland Ecosystems of Europe, DEI, Diffraction-Enhanced Imaging, DEKITZ, Deutsche Koordinierungsstelle für IT-Normenkonformitätsprüfung und -zertifizierung, DELTA, Dortmunder Elektronen Testspeicherring Anlage, DE-NIC, Network Information Center für Deutschland (Karlsruhe), DES, Data Encryption Standard (oder: System), DES, Department of Electrical Science (NPL, UK), DES, Diethylstilbestrol (Östrogen-Derivat), DESY, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (Hamburg), DEZ, Diethylzink (-Verfahren zur Papierkonservierung), DFA, Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Lebensmittelchemie (Garching), DFB, Distributed Feedback (Laser), DFD, Data Flow Diagram, DFD, Deutsches Fernerkundungsdatenzentrum (Oberpfaffenhofen), DFF, Deutscher Fernsehfunk (DDR), DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft